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Is Twitter Green?

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:01pm
There are tons of green avatars on Twitter-but not in support of environmental causes-no-

To clarify, the green on Twitter that many are seeing is really all about support for Iran and freedom. Most of the people who might read this blog, might think that this is coming far too late in the game.

AFter all, wasn't the election in Iran a pretty long time ago?

Yeah, but there are still green avatars on Twitter and on the whole they are in support of Iran freedom.

There are some who are 'going green' and show that by using a green symbol. There are probably a few Irishman in the green mix as well.

And, as always as is the case with loose diamonds -there are some green avatars that are just there because they like the color green or their name is GReen!

But, let us not forget, that Twitter was the vehicle that brought us all the news about the Iranian election- so if you want to know if Twitter is green- that is your answer!
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