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Is there a non-invasive way to reduce the pressure and fluid build up from an acrachnoid cyst on the brain?

Posted by Zoe

I have a cyst in my right temporal lobe that formed after a lobectomy to remove an AVM in 1982. After a car wreck in 1998 I developed hydromyelia in my thoracic cord.

 A new MRI shows that the syrnix is smaller (2nd time this happened) but the cyst is larger, 4.5 x 3.9 cm and is now an arachnoid cyst. Since a year ago I have had incessant pressure, pulsing in my head and ringing in my ears, it never stops. I get a little relief from exercise, walking, and yoga, but my ability to concentrate is very limited now by the pressure and the noise in my head. I don't use any drugs and cannot take diuretcs.  I get some relief using a massage pad on my back and neck, sometimes hours a day in hopes of improving the CSF circulation and easing some of the pressure. According to the new scan this isn't hydrocephalus though I had a hydrocepalic leak in the dura mater that was patched in a second brain surgery in 1988. There must be some way to get the pressure to go down a bit. Thanks for any suggestions.


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