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is it normal for some one who has a major head injury to gain a lot of weight?

Posted by Denise

my sister fell down the stairs and had a massive brian trauma, she has surpassed all the DR exspectations in her recovery and appears to be the same person, theres no weakness in her limbs, she is driving again, but not working. however she has gained a lot of weight, ane this is not the norm for her to be so heavy.
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It can happen and isn't unusual if the person is less active and less involved with their ordinary activities. (For example, not working and therefore sitting around in front of the tv, snacking more than usual and exercising and moving around less than usual.

However, if the weight gain is really significant and always increasing and if the person seems to be unable to avoid eating all the time, then there can be something related to brain damage going on.

Hope that helps!

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