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Is it good to have a second opinion on my MRI?

Posted by Tiger Lady

As a former Pugilist. I am asking a second opinion on my MRI. I have been diagnose with dementia pugilistica 4yrs now. Lately my headaches and dizziness are really bad!! They thought it was vertigo. But No! I told them I have a brain injury. I am off balance now,poor memory; they have put me on Aricept,the worst thing are the electric sharp headaches and lightheadness "strange" feeling sensation I get each and everyday!! I have become very much frustrated for the past few months and doctors, well? Could this be some kind of focal neurological cns infection; like encephalitis/meningitis? I had to ask? or a lobar dysfuction. Every time I press down on my head with my hands to relieve pressure of headaches and dizziness. I want to keep my hands ontop of my head all day, because the pressure has gone. When I let go of my head, the dizziness and sharp headaches come back very quick. Has anyone gone through this or experience these symptoms? Does anyone know what I am going through? I really appreciate your answer. Thank you!
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