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Is Higher Education Part of Class Warfare?

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:03am
It's a question. And like many questions that whirl around in the ether we call the Internet there are boundless answers.

Mostly, those who blog like I do, or write articles and content for the web, are full of opinions- if we want to call opinions answers that again is up to our own discretion.

However, I remember when I was taking business administration courses and thought that focusing on a broad subject matter would ensure that I would always have work. I then found out that I was on the wrong side of history, and that being a specialist would have been the way to go.

Now, I have been told that those who have a bachelor's degree in Computer or IT areas are in a surplus state. So, does this mean those degrees are worthless>
Perhaps it would be interesting to know how many people who had their parents pay their way through college and then had the right connections because they shared pre-k with Johnny B. and Johnny B. is now a rich billionaire just like his father was -are now working in jobs where they are making just about as much money as the Wall Street jerkoffs are- are still and might someday make again.
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