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is chronic one sided jaw pain/debilitation a possible side effect of a small brainstem stroke

Posted by steph

 i suffered a small brainstem stroke nearly 5 months ago following spontaneous?? dissections of the left verebral & right carotid arteries. due to minimal neural deficit and satisfactory mri followup showing very good reinstatement of those vessels, i have been dismissed/ discharged as a nuerology patient but am left with this constant boring jaw & ear pressure pain in the right side.I have been given conflicting advice about this, and finally told that as the mri showed good reinstatement of the right carotid artery, that this pain must be something else. ??? please enlighten me, could it be a permanent legacy of the stroke. I'm a fit & healthy 49 yr old yoga teacher who has enjoyed previous good health & no chronic pain xx kind regards steph





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