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infomation on short term memory loss for cerebellum stroke

Posted by lynds_2285

My dad had a stroke in his cerebellum about 3 yrs ago. He is just now showing signs of short term memory loss. Just wondering if it could still be causing memory loss from when he had his stroke or if its something thing else. Any info. on this would be great. Thanks
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Dang, I find this question from an exhausive Google search to find that very same answer and darn it, no one answered your post. If you see this and it has been a long time since you posted, can you tell me if anyone from any source ever gave you an answer? My son who is 41 and 6 months out now just this month is having transient memory loss upon waking up from a nap. He is fine after about an hour. This is something totally new for him because he had no problems with his memory prior to this month. He went to his neurologist about it. The Dr. did an EEG but did not look at the EEG after he had it. He told him that he has a lot of brain damage and that it won't get any better and that is the way it is going to be. He didn't tell him why 6 months later he suddenly developed this new symtom. Hope someone can enlighten me as to what is happening because doctors don't know, at least the ones at Kaiser. Thanks in advance.


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