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I Wish by Sherri

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:37pm

Inspired and dedicated to Judy Hensley

I wish I could form words without someone thinking I was drunk

like saying, “Yes I do think” instead of “Yes I did thunk”.

I wish I could carry a glass with cold ice without shaking

and rattling so loud it sounded like a martini I was making.

I wish I could speak loudly so others didn’t say “Quit muttering”

I wish I could snap back and say, “Well then you quit your stuttering!”

I wish I could walk without dragging my feet

and stay in step with others instead of always feeling beat.

I wish I could not take pills to make me stand straight

oh my gosh - now that would be GREAT!

I wish I could walk without dragging my feet

and almost trip when others I meet

I wish I could hold things without fear of them dropping

but am thankful I still can walk without always stopping

I wish the pain in my neck and back would disappear

But the stiffness just gets worse is what I hear

I wish brain surgery wasn’t in the future for me

but what is - is and what must be will be

I wish things were different for me

I wish the same for others with this thing called PD

but they’re not and that’s okay

for I’ve learned to be content anyway

I’ve got friends who live near and far

friends who know just who they are

some who understand and some that just care

walking with them I have learned to bear

oh how I thank God for all of it, you see

For without PD these things would not be

the friends, their concern, the many lessons learned

even when my heart’s been heavy, my hope has turned

to the One who’s never left me to walk unsteady

the One who stands faithful, true, protective and ready

oh my Jesus, how can I say how great You are

without tears falling from my face, captured in your jar

tears of fear, tears of pain

tears of weakness turning to strength in You I gain

how can I live one moment of my life

whether filled with smiles or filled with strife

I have seen purposes and plans

that could only have come through Your hands.

so I just want to say thank You

honor, praise and glory to You alone are due

I want to shout Great are You Lord Almighty

for loving, protecting, and carrying me.


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