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I promised pictures. I deliver pictures

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:40pm
This is a very contented little boy. He seems to be this contented all the time too.

Except when he needs to burp.

Then he screws up his little face and occassionally lets out a tiny wail to tell us about it.

Yesterday I caught him looking rather thoughtful. :) Such a cutie-pie.

"Mommy, my pants are too big..." (Can you tell they're about up to his chest and still rolled up at the bottoms?)

It says he loves his puppy, but the dog's not allowed anywhere near the baby

(because she sheds like a cheap rug and I get freaked out about dog hair in everything).

It's Day 6, and he's doing great. In the words of a friend who came to visit him today, "Well he's not in a hurry to go anywhere, is he?" I hope not June, I really hope not. It is so wonderful to have him, to be able to show him off to our friends, to get to hold him, to get woken up from my Sunday afternoon nap because he's hungry, to teach his sister "elbow", "knee", and "kisses" with him as Example A, to worry about vacuuming because it'll wake him up, to check on him every time he makes the slightest peep, to watch his little baby pimples show up, and many other things.

Today I opened his sleeper and found his cord stump had fallen off. Let me tell you, when we were in the hospital I thought I might never get to see it fall off. That's how little time I was expecting. When it fell off this morning, it was like a little answered-but-never-uttered-prayer.

We didn't take him to church this morning. I was ready to try it, but Matt reminded me that with loud music, loud kids, and lots of people - his ultra-sensitivity to being startled probably meant we should keep him home. So instead we stayed home and listened to the internet-radio broadcast of the Seattle/Green Bay game. Yay for Jericho's team! Woohoo!
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