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I Needed Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Help

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:28pm 1 Comment

As I lay in my bed in the private room I was feeling especially lonesome and alone, even though Eleanor and Jack were sitting at the foot of my bed talking with each other. I didn't know what they were talking about, but I did know I wanted so badly to be able to communicate with them, to feel included in what they were saying. I could hardly hear them because of the bulky dressing partially covering my ears and making me feel separated from the whole rest of the world. In spite of this, I kept hearing, in whispered tones, little snatches of conversation, “maid .........secretary............therapy.......''. I didn't associate any of what I was hearing with me, however.

But Eleanor, at this time, was realizing that things were needing to be done! But nobody was taking any initiative! Jack seemed to not know what to do or where to turn, and it seemed to have been just taken for granted that Eleanor, being a Speech Therapist and the tumor being on the speech area of my brain, would know just what to do. In her job she had helped others, but this was different. This was more extensive and this was her mother! She didn't know quite where to begin, and she was scared!

What could be done for a person in Mama's condition? She knew Mama would need to be taken care of when released from the hospita1............., certainly a maid would be needed, and even maybe a secretary or a part-time secretary to help Daddy in his office so he could be freer to be with Mama when she needed him......and she would have to immediately try to figure out, and then put into a plan, what therapy would be best..............and do some investigating into health care programs that would be beneficial ....and lay out plans for a program of rehabilitation.

She felt the whole responsibility on her shoulders. And now that our mother-daughter roles were reversed she would be faced with tough love. She was frightened...... frightened by the awesome task of having to find ways to rehabilitate her own mother.

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Whoa!  Indeed, physical therapy is very vital in molding our body on its perfect form.  Some do this therapy to cure the pain they endure in their body.  Their are many kinds of therapies wherein we can choose from.

This coming weekend, my kid and I will go to the kid center to register in a .  I am looking forward that my child will enjoy his new environment.
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