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I'm About to Change the World

Posted Jun 25 2009 1:12pm
What this little Tough Girl (aka: ME!) needs:
1) Research Funding

2) Objective measure of variables of interest that will bring medicine and neuropsychology together

3) Participants with verified symptoms of interest from a recognized diagnosis

4) Connections to the NHL/MLB/NFL/Army to test some participants who have sustained obvious concussions

So how do you feel about that??


I'm on to something big. Actually, no. Correction: I'm on to something GINORMOUS. (yes, that's a real word as of the 2007 copyright of Merriam-Webster's Dictionary).

I've put together a ton of information. I just haven't been able to put it into a concise readable document yet. I have support from a few professors and even my neuropsychologist that thinks I have a legit clinical trial on my hands... and will train me on his equipment to do the work... Phew!

Also, my neuropharm advisor thinks I'm on to something he hasn't been considering in his mTBI research. And I think he's going to let me do some work in his lab to prove a connection between certain variables and how it affects learning and memory. But that isn't working with people, it's working with Murine rats.

Over my recovery, I would have more and more times where I would feel this brilliant. But it would only last a day... once every two months. I call them EUREKA moments!! In essence, I feel like I could cure cancer. And not because I'm manic and having grandiose delusions, but because I'm legitimately wicked smaht.

This Eureka moment has been going on for about a month. Straight. Well, with a few days of exhaustion in between.

I've fallen extremely behind on my psychology classes. As of June 1st, my work load tripled. I'm at the point where I could probably sustain a job of SOME sort (wooo!!) but I want my energy to be pumped into this research. I think I could change the world this this. But it's got to be pro bono because I'm not really associated on a payroll with anyone who would be open to these kinds of new projects.

But I'm completely running on fumes in my financial realm (after maxing out both my credit cards and being denied further credit). But I don't want to just give someone else the idea - because there are so many intricate details that not only relate to psychology, but will pull in neurologist and pharmacy and the healthcare community could begin to see (and fucking believe!!...'scuz the swear) the problems going on in brain injuries that have NO MEDICALLY OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE. I don't want anything to be missed and not considered.

I want to cater to people who are working their hardest to do just as much as they can do and are frustrated. I want to cater to people who look so great. I want to do this for people who are told there's nothing wrong with them and they need to "lower their standards for themselves and the doctor's who are treating them." I want to give them the data that proves that the doctor's actually shouldn't be lowering their own standards because they are working with a patient that is extremely smart.

I just want to help people feel better. And it's coming together. I just have a few more steps to go.

I'm about to change the world. But I still need a little help... If you have any ideas - let me know!!!! PLEASE!!! Even your supportive prayers will be heard :) and thank you in advance!!
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