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"I'll do it my way, thanks!" - Open, honest, and opinionated

Posted Feb 21 2009 9:40pm

There have been a few occasions on this blog that I have let loose and said exactly what I mean - no holds barred. Most of the time I follow my In-Real-Life standard of "Have your opinions, but keep them close to your chest". It's not that I don't believe whole-heartedly in my opinions and standards. I just know how uncomfortable I get when people give me the what-for on their opinions, and I either don't care, or don't agree. I do that smile, nod, and "uh huh" thing.

But it occurred to me today that it's high time I started saying what I truly feel, think, and believe to be true. Over the next few weeks I'm going to start a series on "I'll do it my way, thanks" posts. I will endeavor to make myself understood, without being rude or against other options. But, this is what I think! And if you don't agree, that's fine. I just want to shed some light on a few subjects.

I feel that very often there are subjects that have fallen into "It's your decision" ... but the status quo has made the not-so-popular decisions into "weirdness". I probably fall into the weirdness territory more than most of my friends do. That's fine with me, it's the path I've chosen. So hang tight... I'll be letting loose!

Oh, and if you have a subject you've noticed I have an opinion on, or think I might have an opinion on, drop me a comment and ask. I might add it to the list, or it may already be on my list of things to talk about.

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