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I just... ugh

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:01pm
I feel incredibly stagnant.

I have felt like I just need a door to open somewhere. Somewhere, just a crack, I’ll kick it all the way open myself. I need a J.O.B. I need one A.S.A.P. I need something promising to happen to me. I give and give and pray and put in a lot of effort towards wishing other people well, sometimes I just wallow a bit and wonder, “ok, I really am happy and all, but what about me?! When may I expect something back, when will it be my turn to receive?!” So when I feel like this, I resort to the only logical thing – giving more.

I passed my law exam and finally got my pharmacist license. [Uh, now what?] I finished the makeup homework from my course that I almost failed. And promptly, I was down for the count. Three endless weeks of trying to sleep, tending to migraines, and doing my best to hope it’ll pass sooner than later. Four days of no sleep followed by three days of incapacitated migraine, then a few hours of rest only to battle a constant burden of being uncomfortable. And I think the streak ended yesterday. So I’m writing.

The little time in between this battling, I was redirecting my attention back to what matters most to me. People. I have an extraordinary amount of love to give and I have an immeasurable amount of compassion for people. I would try my best to spend one-on-one time with some of my friends. It tires me out a bunch but it is honestly the best investment of my time when I’m not able to do much else. Not only am I giving my individual attention to them and sharing my woes intimately with them, I am keeping myself connected.

I luckily spoke with my friend from high school – who I have always admired since high school band. I read her blog daily and am so amazed that I never knew how incredible she was at writing. I asked her how she gets the energy to remind her self to write every day, and she said “it’s what I’m passionate about.” How did I not know this? I have been passionate about writing since I could hold a crayon and squiggle!

I never want to comment on her blog, because I don’t want to link my blog to it and thus pull the curtain off my anonymity. It’s important that I have a place to talk about my struggles in an uncensored and candid forum. However, I shared my blog with her because she is so candid with her life and I have utmost respect for her passion. I comment on her facebook instead, or tell her through a private message what I thought about her writing. And after talking with her two nights ago, she said something completely profound to me: Start writing again.

Well, I do… and sometimes all the time. But about things that are trivial – like mommy issues or why I find all boys to be duds and how to break up with them without breaking their hearts. Things that ruminate in my head that I don’t really care about but I pay mind because it feels like these things need to be settled and dealt with to be cast aside. However, I don’t think writing about these things to deal with the ‘here and now’ stuff is moving me in any direction – but when I read about concussions and reasons why LENS helps my vision and why my resting heart rate is consistently at 130… I want to move forward, I want to find a way to be creative and announce it to the world and to educate and inspire. I want to be the genius I used to be and I want the endurance to be that genius at all hours of the day without getting tired or falling short to a migraine.

I am three weeks behind on my homework – yes, after finally getting caught up I went down for the count! I am eleven assignments behind. ELEVEN. But nobody’s dead yet. And I think I just needed to find something to write about. I needed to find a little fire. I needed to read about what I’m passionate about; to get excited about solving the mystery of concussions and brain injuries and the desire to teach the world and make it a better place. So I’m incredibly behind and I’m feeling absolutely stagnant, but I needed to write.

Thanks, C. You’ve done more than you can imagine. More than most. Although, I can’t promise everything will now be hunky-dory.
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