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I have terrible migraine headaches almost everyday. What to do?

Posted by Seigler

I have terrible migraine headaches almost everyday.  It is around my nasal cavity, forehead and behind my eyes.  I have TMJ and have aches in my temporalalis muscles on the sides of my head.  Sometimes when I get a headache I hold my nose and release pressure through my ears.  This releif only last about a minute and I am back to massaging my temples and popping my ears.  I also have manic depression there for am on a number of perscription medications including 100mg of Trazadone for sleep and Fluoxitine for my moods.  I take half of 25mg of Clonazapame for anxiety twice a day.  These headaches have no trigger or motive.  They dissappear as quickly as they come.
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