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I have been having Sudden onset dizziness any thoughts on what this could be?

Posted by kimc15

Over the last week I have been experiencing episodes of sudden onset dizziness? I have No warning and do not take any medications, all at once its like my vision flicks and tilts and everything is spinning and I cant keep my balance it is really starting to scare me any thoughts on what this could be?
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  I'm not a doctor but, from my own expeiences of getting these episodes myself on occasion.  It could be caused by a fluid build up in the inner ear.  I take allergy medicine for it and it usually will clear itself up in a few days.  This is what my doctor told me to do a long time ago. 
Those are classic signs and symptoms of vertigo. Vertigo can be caused by many many things, it could be something simple like an inner ear infection or a sign of something more serious. Definatly go see your doctor if its persisting.
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