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i have abnormal twitching in my right arm and leg

Posted by lynage_782003

my name is lynn. i am 30 yrs. old i have abnormal twitching in my right arm and left leg. it is not all of the time. a few times a day or sometimes maybe a few times a week.. i have had and eeg done and not herd back yet from the doctor. i dont know if i should be afraid or not.
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Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven
I am not a doctor so I cannot give actual medical advice, but trust me when I say its always best not to worry, even when you know there is something to worry about.  Stress makes it worse, whatever IT is, and right now that is not what you need.  Just wait for the doctor to tell you or call if it has been awhile, its ok to call and ask, sometimes they get busy and forget.  But wahtever turns out to be the reason for the twitching just remember that stress will make it worse so you need to learn to relax, try yoga or meditation.
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