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I have a question concerning long term effects of multiple head inujuries.

Posted by JHCPA05

I have a question. When I was 13, I was in a bicycle accident and went the the monkey bars and hit my head on the pavement. Bruised and blody but got up and went home and that was the end of it. A couple of years later I suffered another head injury. This injury was in exactly the same spot. I dove into shallow water and hit head on on to the edge of a rather large rock. when I stood up I passed out and my brothers were there and pulled me to shore. Again bruised and bloddy but no doctor. Than, about 4-5 years later I was again hit in the rather rather forcefully with a piece of equipment. As unbelieveable as it may sound, it was in the exact same spot as the other two blows. Again I passed out for a few seconds but did go to the medic station (I was in the army) and they send I had a pretty good concussion. My question is this. Is it possible to have suffered some sort of long term effect that could just now be showing up? The first inury was 40 yrs ago, the second injury about 33 yrs ago and the last injury was 29 yrs ago. If it makes any difference, I was broad sided in an auto accident about 18 yrs ago and suffered another concussion and had physical therapy after I started getting migrane like head aches. I obviously am asking this now due to some problems that I am having and am researching the issue.
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