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I had acupuncture today. It was ...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
I had acupuncture today. It was nice, now my left is all tingly! Then I went and paid my dues at the union hall and told them I am available for medium duty work! Then I went to the grocery store and without a cane! it was a little weird and I do have a slight limp, but my balance is just fine. I am very happy about that.

My ear is driving me crazy, constantly needing to pop it. Can't wait til my allergist appointment on Friday. maybe he will have the answer to my problems! I have tried everything I can think of. I am even going to the dentist to make sure its not a tooth problem, plus like I said before, I really am over do for a dentist appointment.

I have another sinus headache. The problem with sinus headaches are that tylenol or advil don't usually help, at least not for me. I really hope I can get these sinus issues taken care of, before it drives me insane! I have trouble getting to sleep because I am constantly popping my ears! I just popped it right now! And again! That's how annoying it is!

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