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I Got Work... well sort of...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
I got a text from a friend a couple weeks ago saying she had some friends who were doing a webisode and could use some help. I said sure but never heard anything. Today I got an email from them and we shoot for 4 days next weekend. It is no pay, but it will be fun to get to work again! I have done several short films for no pay and had a blast doing them so I am looking forward to getting to do props again! Unfortunately I think they want me to do something tomorrow and or Friday and I have physical therapy tomorrow and acupuncture on Friday. After that I can do anything, I will schedule my appointments around their schedule. I am very excited to work again!

Had my support group meeting today. It was ok, I had a little bit of a headache when I got there. We didn't really talk much about our health, mostly people were talking about their traveling. But towards the end of the meeting someone suggested we share how we have been coping with our situations and I got to talk about this blog and the keychains I made and playing drums and guitar hero... it was nice, I mean that is what the support group is supposed to be for. One woman talked about how she just went thru whole brain radiation and the docs put her on Keppra, which is the anti seizure med I am on, and they won't let her drive! Man I am lucky, I have read about others who are on anti seizure meds and can't drive, I would go completely crazy if I couldn't drive!!!!

I saw a store today that said they had Wii's in stock so I checked it out. They are trying to sell them for twice the price. I said no way! I will still wait until Friday and if I can't find it then I will have my parents buy one and send it to me. I just want to recreate the characters that I made of all my family members so I can see them when I bowl. My mom says she smiles every time she sees my character and it makes her laugh when I jump up and down (the mii characters in bowling are sitting with you just like at a bowling alley and they watch you and others bowl and they cheer for you by jumping up and down!) That makes me smile to know she is enjoying it!

When I got home my headache got a little worse. I tried to do a little guitar hero but I totally sucked at it today so I stopped. I just watched a little tv and emailed the people from the webisode. I feel a little better now, still have a headache though, but as I am sure I have said before, I have been getting headaches since high school and I am pretty sure I didn't have these brain tumors back in the 80's! On the other hand I am still getting the nausea, though not every day like it was, but today I did get it, and a little light headed. My MRI is in 6 weeks, I don't really know if I should complain to the docs again, I already have and the GP said to call the neurosurgeon and so I did. I left a message, but I don't even know if he got the message. Maybe I will call again tomorrow, just to keep them updated. I do ok when I get out, maybe its just allergies and I am being paranoid! Wouldn't be the first time!

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