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I Decorated My AFO Brace!

Posted Sep 26 2008 3:20pm
Another day of breaking in my new AFO brace. It went pretty well, I am not as tired as I was yesterday, so that is good, and I got a lot of work done. I also decorated my brace!

I got my local 44 sticker and my Tumors Suck sticker, a few glow in the dark stars and a bunch of smiley faces. I tried putting some moleskin on the inside to keep it from hurting my ankle, but it really didn't work. It only really bothers me in the ankle when I am sitting down, which I think is really odd. Even if I stretch my leg out it bothers the outside of my ankle! The doc said to note every where that feels bad and he will make adjustments in two weeks. I hope it is something that can be adjusted right away, because I don't want to wait any longer for it. I want to go to work! And I think I will be ready by then. Now I received an email from a reader that asked why I am insistent on going back to such physical labor. I must say I was flattered by the compliment about my writing, the reader said I was a good writer so why not pursue that, but I am not really a good writer, at least not if I have to make something up. Telling my story is one thing, but its not like I could make a living telling my story, although I would not mind turning this blog into a book, though I really don't know how to do that. Yes I do have many stories, but still I would not be able to make a living telling them. As for writing fiction, I have tried and although I may come up with an idea, I never seem to be able to complete anything. I did write a script in film school as a requirement, and it was fun, but it was really hard and my roommate who was a writer helped me out a lot. But to get back to why I want to work in such a physical labor kind of field. I worked very hard to get into the prop union, and paid $5000 as well, and my health insurance, which I obviously need, is paid for by the union if I work enough hours. I would not be able to afford the insurance without working this job. And I just love it! And I am really good at it. And with my brace I really do think I will be back to work in no time! I really hope so because all this recession talk has me very worried and to top it off I got my electric bill today and it was the highest ever. I have been home pretty much every day, I get out a little, but this year is pretty much the same as last. I checked the amount of energy used this year compared to last and it was practically the same but my bill is double what it used to be! So I turned the a/c off. Big mistake! In my last apartment I only had a little wall a/c unit and I hardly ever used it. My apartment was ground level and had hardwood floors and a front door and a back door so I could get a cross breeze going. This apartment is one story up with a garage below with 15 cars parked in it. The entire apartment is carpeted, except kitchen and bathrooms, and the bedroom is upstairs with a sky light in the stairwell. So I turned off the a/c and it got up to 88 degrees downstairs, which means it was at least 92 degrees upstairs! So I turned the a/c back on, but I have it set for 86 degrees so it turns on occasionally which will hopefully make it so that I can sleep! I have said before that I have a Tempur- Pedic bed and anyone that has one knows that it absorbs heat. The hotter the room gets the hotter the bed gets. I remember a couple years ago my a/c broke down on labor day weekend and it got into the 90's downstairs. My bed was so hot I had to sleep downstairs on my recliner because I didn't have a couch at the time. It was miserable! Though I must say I think the heat today has been good for my sinuses!
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