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i cant focus on anything, i feel like im functioning on autopilot?

Posted by uofmmed

im having serious brain fog and cloudyness. i feel like im living in a dream. my vision has stopped adjusting to dim light and im starting to have short term memory loss. i had an mri last year and everything came back fine. i feel like my surroundings arent real and i cant focus on anything. my vision loses focus a lot. sometimes i feel nauseaous and dizzy. it started last year around the time i had an allergic reaction to amoxycillin. its becoming scary and i cant focus sometimes when i drive which is becoming a huge problem. please help.
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I am exactly the same as u... I have it since 5 months now and i got it after a year of prolonged stress + panic attack + probably the worst summer holidays in my life. Although i think i lost the motivation and enjoyment first, before all those symptoms... but they came around about the same time but tbh i am not sure which came first anymore. :P My doctors say it is depression/anxiety but i am not 100% convinced... Btw do u also have spellls of "better" functioning + motivation to get better but then it hits u so strong that u give up once again and hit the bottom or even lower again just to then few days or week after get anxious about ur well being and u try to get up again?
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