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Posted Jul 09 2011 10:03pm
I got out of the RV two days in a row and now today I have felt sick all day.  My head is killing me and I have this weird pain all up my left side.  It is not a rare feeling, have it almost every day, but today its really bad.  My vision has been blurry all day too.

That woman Susan did end up coming over on Thursday and it did make me feel better.  She said she wanted to come over today but she hasn't and since its so late I doubt she is coming. 

My parents are outside talking to their friends and I am stuck inside with no friends, I'll be lucky if I can get this to post because the internet sucks so bad here!  I was chatting with a friend last night and we are supposed to chat again tonight, but like I said, I can't keep a connection so who knows! 

I did get to see Mount Rushmore yesterday, it was very cool.  Want to do a lot more sightseeing before I go but right now I really do wish it were over.  I know its really hard on my parents, they had to push me around in a wheelchair yesterday because we couldn't afford one I could roll myself and I am not strong enough to use the walker to walk around places like Mount Rushmore.  I don't know if I'm going to make it to Florida.  They are supposed to work camp here until the end of Aug, I don't even know if I will make it that long.  I kinda don't want to because I am so miserable, but I would like to see more before I go.  We are going to go see Devil's Tower one of these days, that should be cool.  The more often I get in and out of the RV the easier it gets, but today I feel like shit so I have stayed in all day.   I just wish there was a way I could lose weight, it would be so much easier.  I brought the shake weight and have been doing that, but its not going to work overnight.

I have a tumor above my right ear, so I've been told.  I thought it went away after the gamma knife but it grew back and is making the right side of my face feel funny and last night I got an earache.  I also get the stabbing ice pick headaches there, which to me says its growing because that's how I felt before I was originally diagnosed.

Well, I don't know what else to say for now, except that I am utterly depressed because I am 40 years old, living with my parents in an RV that I cannot get in or out of without both of them there to help me.  I have no friends here and nothing to do but watch what limited channels they have and try to get internet service.  Today I spent a lot of time playing solitaire because I couldn't get online.

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