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Human Brains Different Than Cat Brains! The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:24pm

Did you know that humans do not react to catnip the same way as cats do?

Human brains are physiologically different from cat brains and people do not react to catnip by getting "high." All About Catnip

I found this out this morning after a trip through the ethers of the World Wide Web. I was really happy to have found this out, how about you?

We had lots of cats when I was a kid, I didn't like them because they were always crawling all over the house, and trying to get my mother to give them food. That might seem reasonable to you, but since I had four sisters and brothers, I thought those cats should wait their turns. But, Mom, always fed them first in the morning.

To be honest, I think cats are pretty smart. They sleep 18 hours a day, have "more intelligent" mammals supply their food, and scratch people all the time, for the hell of it.

Could this be part of the vast right wing conspiracy?

Images by Shirley G. Damon
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