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Howard to non-core status whether transactions with his apparent contract situation

Posted Feb 21 2013 7:20am
Old buss died, he left the lakers seemed already is a mess. No one can doubt the lakers team has appeared the factions, has Dwight Howard said in an interview: "in order to our team, everyone made sacrifices, some people will be better than others sacrifice more." It makes people suspect Howard still with the team for the "non-core celine luggage bag sale status" feel dissatisfaction. In fact, Howard and the lakers' only the contradiction between the core Bryant, perhaps more than outsiders to see more. According to the New York post reported, all-star games, Howard secretly run to the dressing room, and then put on kobe Bryant's jerseys in the star's surface imitation kobe Bryant, but this "humor" has not received the good effect, then kobe Bryant also came into the dressing room, he and all the people were friendly, but the dozen hello to Howard a language not hair, and the entire during the all-star game, kobe Bryant is trying to far away from Howard. Have sources, the lakers in some players think Howard did not intend to develop full power to help the team. It is said that kobe Bryant mentioned if the team to trade Howard show very doesn't matter, it appears he doesn't mind the lakers off Howard. Senior NBA reporter Chris Sheridan think, the lakers have 50% might give Howard sent to the nets, "I am in Houston in the all-star game and Howard talked celine luggage bag barneys a lot, Howard is really pain, I've never seen a player like he is now so pain. Howard said he wanted to play can again be fun." But the lakers general manager mitch kupchak insists the team won't trade Howard, sources think the lakers can wait until July, see Howard will contract with them. Local time on Thursday, the lakers will be jerry buss held a memorial service, the rest of the season, the lakers game players will be on their shirt to wear old buss name is the abbreviation of "JB" mark. In the United States in the Anglo-American law system, only rely on indirect evidence put the defendant found guilty and sentenced is no easy task. This is because, with only the individual indirect evidence usually can't accurately and correctly infer that the defendant guilty, must have a series of indirect evidence that each other, constitute a rigorous logic system, eliminate the defendant may not suspected criminal all possible, to accurately confirm the case. In addition, the indirect evidence Celine Tote Bags collection and indirect evidence and the relationship between the case facts shall be fair and reasonable, coordinated, if appear antinomy or holes, the indirect evidence is not reliable, and can be used as the definitive condemnation according to. For instance, in case the Simpson, prosecutors hall of indirect evidence is one of the murder were found at the scene of the blood, but, because wenner cop long body join Simpson's blood murder in the shopping for three hours long, cause the indirect evidence credibility to sell at a discount greatly. This arrangement is actually removing all of his crime I posterior, because he will have to be in just 1 hour 10 minutes drive to the site, choose a time, holding knife even killed two people, to flee from the crime scene, hiding bloodstained garment weapon and wash residual blood, go out to the airport, the whole link a slight error mishap will delay the plane is the hour, at this time, the taxi driver will become an important witness.In the Simpson's case, because the prosecution evidence is all indirect evidence, therefore, the defense lawyer (micro bo) for these "circumstantial evidence" strictly to identify and audit, is of great importance in the case of a ring. Unfortunately, the prosecution in court evidence full of Celine Wallets flaws, difficult to justify, make the defense will be able to compare enough evidence to prove the jury Simpson is not necessarily the murderer. CNN statistics show that there are about 140 million people in the United States to watch or listen to the "century trial" final decision. The jury award results: Simpson's innocence.
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