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How to Wash Your Face

Posted Jan 03 2012 8:14am
There has always been a lot of controversy over how one should wash their face!  From the moment a little child begins to get soap in their eyes as a toddler to adolescence when acne or other types of hormonal eruptions takes place to the time when wrinkles begin to appear on the sides of a person's eyes or mouth- everyone just thinks that using the right type of soap, cream, or combination of same will take way the ever-encroaching age builders.

Maybe  mud soap will do it!

I am sure a variety of methods may work for a number of souls.  But, I am going to be 59 years old in April of this year and have few wrinkles and my face is fairly clear- some say I look younger than my age- I find this a ridiculous observation since I am my age and proud of it!   What has been my face washing regimen all these years?

I take a big bunch of cold water in the morning and splash it on my face, taking care to dry my face with a clean towel.

Then at night I wash my face with hot water on a wash cloth- letting it dry on its own till I get to a towel.  

That's it!

It's hereditary- believe it or not.  
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