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How to maintain the sunglasses?

Posted Apr 01 2013 9:00am
Sunglasses has become one of the essential accessories of the fashion crowd, but little is known about the sunglasses maintenance may,

following okbool to introduce few maintenance sunglasses!

1. sunglasses easily stained with dust and dirt, as stains, grease or fingerprints, use a soft cotton cloth or special lens paper to clean the

lens, then the professional cleaner or water rinse is best not to hand or nail removal of the lens on the stain. Special Note: The glasses use

polarized lenses can not use ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will destroy the polarizing effect;

2. not to hang sunglasses on his head, so as not to pull bad hook. Do not wear should be carefully removed and placed want glasses when

folded, and the mirror up to avoid the lens facing down;

3. Sunglasses are finished using the wipe should be loaded into the glasses bags (boxes) in the Save, Do not store together with hard objects

or sharp objects to avoid scratching the lens;

4. avoid sunglasses left for a long period of time at a high temperature environment, such as sunglasses litter in the car on the dashboard,

sunglasses may heat distortion temperature is too high sunglasses may be deformed, especially plastic frame sunglasses almost never thermal;

5. avoid contact with perfume, insecticides containing the chemical composition of the goods, in order to better protect the glasses to avoid

chemical corrosion, lenses, frames;

6. insisted hands Abstract wearing glasses, one-handed pick to wear if excessive force, may lead frame deformation, fracture;

7. when not used for long, sun glasses should be placed in the the dedicated glasses bag (box).
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