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How to Leveling Blacksmithing and Make Wow Gold in Patch 5.1

Posted Dec 20 2012 2:29am

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When we choose the wow professions for our game character in wow, we always want the professions can help us gain a lot of game gold to support our game life.    Blacksmithing is a very good profession for players to roll in , but it is not easy for wowers to master this profession. In this guide, we will talk about how to leveling Blacksmithing quickly and tips about making  wow gold  with this profession in  wow patch 5.1.

For this profession, it can main make some armor and weapons for game players then sell them out for  wow gold. Blacksmithing is a profession that specializes in crafting armor and weapons either for one’s self or for profit on the auction house. The anvil and the forge are keys to being a successful Blacksmith and you can find them in all major cities and most towns. While mail and plate wearers benefit most from this profession, it is just as good at making money for any player.

After you have chosen Blacksmithing as your gold making profession in wow patch 5.1, you need to train your profession skills. Train as an apprentice and then pick up your Blacksmith Hammer and find a nearby forge so you can get started as a Blacksmith. You will start by making Rough Sharpening Stones to reach Level 25. After this, upgrade to Rough Grinding Stones until you reach Level 65 and make sure to keep these stones as you will need them later on for additional items. To reach level 75, create Coarse Sharpening Stones the rest of the way.

The highest level for Blacksmithing is 600 in wow patch 5.1, and when you reach the level 300. it is just the start of the leveling journey for this profession. Due to the way that Blacksmithing levels are designed, we want to make sure that we hit level 600 exactly, not 576 or 574. This will ensure we don’t spend more Ghost Iron Bars than we would otherwise need. To do this, we want to start at level 526. Until level 526, you can gain 5 levels each time you craft Ghost-Forger Bracers and 1 level for each Ghostly Skeleton Key.

These are a great tool for any traveling Blacksmith to have as they mean access to more treasure. Whetstones are other unique items that Blacksmiths can create. These stones increase the damage of weapons for short periods of time so they are always good to have on hand. Perhaps most interesting of all, Blacksmiths can put sockets in their gear allowing them more stats in the end. These gems can be purchased from the auction house or created if you have the Jewelcrafting profession.

To me, I think leveling the Blacksmithing is really very difficult, but once your wow character reach level 85, it is easy to make gold with this profession. And if you choose this profession to help you gain game gold, you should also know that leveling for Blacksmithing also need you to cost a lot game gold in it. More information at, farming gold is a time taken job, why not comes here to get the  legit and cheap Pandaria 5.1 gold  with instantly delivery.

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