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How Many Calories in An Apple?

Posted Oct 24 2010 7:38am
Well, we looked at calories in a tootsie roll and were not only blown away, but treated with a wink from Sarah Palin- ( kinda sad!) but how about God' Little Apple?

A good-sized fresh apple has about 95 calories, so if little Johnny or Talitha come home with 10-15 apples in their trick or treat plastic pumpkin containers, ( which I doubt since no one gives apples out anymore, and besides they wouldn't fit) and you as a concerned parent ate 10 of them ( which I doubt since -well- God!)

Well, that is 950 calories.  Of course you would not hold the 950 calories because it is almost a certainty that you would be making frequent visits to the JOHN.  I doubt that most bodies could contain 10 apples at a time.

Why am I writing this? 
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