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How long do I need to wait after brain surgery, before going back to recreational dug use?

Posted by Tumorboy

I use cocaine and ecstasy in limited amounts.  My cocaine usage is limited to weekends (approx. 1-2 grams per week).  Ecstasy is less frequent, perhaps 2 pills a month.  

My surgery was for the resection of a central neurocytoma, located in the right lateral ventricle.  The surgery was conducted around 1 month ago and was successful.  I am recovering very quickly and feeling great.  

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Seriously - "don't" is a great answer.

Following any abnormal activity in the brain (like a tumour) or anything that disrupts the nromal functioning (like surgery), your brain will have some permanent changes in its internal environment -- the balance of chemicals, interactions of different cells, etc. etc. So although you may feel great, the brain itself is less resilient than it was before.

When you use any kind of drugs that influence the brain, you are "pushing" it to do things it wouldn't otherwise (and/or at least not in the ways the drugs make it do these things). So you are adding to its woes and putting it and yourself at risk of pushing it over the edge into more problems.

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