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How emotional functioning can be impacted by traumatic brain injury

Posted Oct 14 2012 2:17pm

All over the map…

Found this helpful little article via Twitter:

How emotional functioning can be impacted by traumatic brain injury

One of the most confusing issues when dealing with traumatic brain injuries is the effect that it has on the individual’s personality and emotions.  When we bang our head, we may expect some pain at the location of the injury, maybe a slight headache, or even in severe cases some dizziness.  What is harder for us to understand is that even a minor traumatic brain injury can cause changes in personality and emotions, either temporary or permanent.

This type of injury is often difficult to diagnose because in most situations, the medical staff will not have a great familiarity of the individual’s personality before the accident.  For instance, and individual may seem like a very shy person to the medical staff, but they have no way of knowing that the person was a lively extrovart before the accident.  In many situations, it is up to family members and other loved ones to point out the personality changes.  In many situations, this does not happen because the family may think the person changed in response to a near-death accident.  In cases of mal temper or increased instances of anger, the family often will attribute it to stress or physical pain.

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