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how can u make ur brain funtion again like as in loss of memory

Posted by tarnz

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Loss of memory? That can mean a lot of things. Was it because of an accident? a hit on the head? a disease? alzheimers?diabetes? chemotherapy?

OK. Let's assume for a minute your memory loss was slow and just went away. 

The underlaying problem needs to be treated first.

Next,  there are many ways you could potentially regain your memory.

It could be "reset" electrically. You can learn through self imagery and things like that to regain it.

The saying "You will lose it, if you don't use it" holds true. Start using your brain in more active ways like puzzles and tests that really stimulate your brain....

So, first get to the doctor and find the underlaying cause. Then get busy and get it back!

Good luck and it can be done with a lot of hard work!

Let me know how it goes.


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