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Hey Hey Hey! Fat Albert-esque

Posted Jun 01 2009 10:10pm
My dad had the records of Bill Cosby's comedy routines when I was a kid. We listened to the Fat Albert stories about Buck Buck and snowballs down snowsuits. Anyways, just had that running through my mind, and thought I'd give you a quick jaunt down memory lane.

We have arrived in Pennsylvania at my in law's house near Hershey Park. :) Yay for free tickets to the park! Woohoo! Thanks Joel and Kimmi! It was a LONG trip. Oh my gosh, the idea of doing it again in a month makes my skin crawl. I wish I could say it went like a breeze. But... ok, so it definitely could have been worse. But it could have been a LOT better. I'll probably write a post very soon about how to travel with small children as well as how not to treat mothers travelling with small children. BUT LET'S NOT GO THERE RIGHT NOW, shall we?

The jet lag has been a problem. The first night Oceana and Naomi were awake till about 5am, then slept till 11am (me included actually). Second night Oceana was awake from 12-4 (wide awake and hungry, as it was dinner time in NZ), Naomi slept 9-1:30 and 2-7. Third night Oceana went to bed at 8, but never fell asleep until 1:30am - poor thing! She's still asleep now, at 7. I'll wake her up by 9 though if she isn't already up. We're trying out best to help the girls settle into a routine. Naomi slept 1 to 6, but I think she's about ready to nod off again (7am). And me? Well, I'll live. Like a told someone yesterday, I'm tired - but I have a newborn - it's kind of normal!


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