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Here I am...Will you be here ?

Posted Jan 10 2012 12:00am
I click on my own blog and I do not even know the person I was ..or is it I do not know the person I am now? I really am going to start blogging again.  I am.  But I am scared...scared so many will not like the new me...or will not come back.  I am going through some hard times.  They are not easy or pretty .  They may not end up in a pretty little package and already some have judged how I should handled them.  The funny thing is.  They are not the ones dealing with them, I am.  So here I am.  Here to say.  Things are hard .  They are not pretty and I am making some very hard choices.  I could use some support .  You do not have to pat me on the back and say great job, but at the same time do not beat me down..Do we have a deal?
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