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Hemorrhoids ARE Not Funny

Posted Jan 13 2010 6:16am

Since I am now in the 55 + category I often find myself reading health articles. Some of them are comical. Some sad or tragic. Some are even nobel.

But, of all the problems I have read about recently, the one that almost made me laugh was the poor person who wrote in to the advice doctor asking what hemorrhoids truly are. Besides the fact that the word itself is hard to spell- and that people themselves have been called hemorrhoids for years (mostly young people)! Hemorrhoids can be a big pain the (no pun intended)!

This poor person said he had been diagnosed with the malady and the advice doctor said that when a person writes in about hemorrhoids and is not laughing this signifies that the person is no longer young.

I object to this age related discrimination. I myself have never had hemorrhoids. And, I have known many people who have had them and they have been young at one point or another.

Most people know that if they develop this problem there are a host of remedies all prominently displayed in drugstores and online at

So, what is the big deal with hemorrhoids? Nothing! Nothing at all-unless you get them!
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