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Headache, stomach ache, ankle pain, car problems...

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
Today was the kind of day you wish you would have just stayed in bed! I have had a headache most of the day. At first I thought it was sinus related, but now not so sure. Its kinda in the middle of my forehead, not behind my eyes, not between my eyes, but in the middle of my forehead, and in the back of my head. Plus I have recently developed a stomach ache, I think from something I ate earlier, so now I don't feel like eating anything though I know I should. My ankle is killing me, well that is a little dramatic, but it hurts a bit when I walk. I went to pick up my paycheck from the job I did last week and I hit a van with my Jeep Cherokee in the visitor parking lot while I was trying to park. The van was parked! I misjudged how much room I had. I dented and scratched the van, which it turns out was a rental so the girl who rented it has to report it. I broke a light on my car and dented the bumper but other than replacing the light I am not fixing my car, its too old to bother. It just sucks because I have been with this insurance company for almost a decade without incident and now they are probably going to raise my rate for one little dent! Then, while I was at the show I worked on, when the girl was trying to call me- I left my name and number on a piece of paper on her windshield- my phone wouldn't work! I heard the phone ring and I answered and I heard nothing, I tried to call back but even though the phone said it was ringing I heard nothing. For a half an hour I couldn't hear from my phone speaker. I put in my headset and I could hear, but without it I couldn't! But of course by the time I got to Verizon it was working again. I went in anyway to see if they have heard of this problem before, which they said they hadn't and even though this is the third phone of this model I have had since february all they could do for me is give me the same model as a replacement! So I decided to wait and see if it happens again because I really don't want to go through all the trouble of getting another phone again! If it does happen again and then that replacement ends up being bad they will find another option for me

Now I am home and still have a headache and stomach ache and sore ankle and I just can't wait for the day to be over so I can go to bed and know that tomorrow will be better!

I have an appointment for my ankle with a foot doc on Monday so hopefully I can get this figured out. I am used to it giving me problems every once in awhile, but it has been every day since I worked last week so I really need to get it checked. Hopefully I didn't damage it last week working! How badly would that suck! Every time things start to go well they turn to crap! But even though it seems like I am upset, I still know that I am living the miracle and it will do no good to get depressed by everything that is going on! And speaking of depressed, my therapist forgot about me yesterday! We had an appointment and he missed it! I waited for 20 minutes, because sometimes his session before me runs a little long, but then I called him and he wasn't even there! Man I really could have used to see him today! But I am ok, just need to get rid of this stomach ache and headache!
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