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Headache is back

Posted Jun 04 2011 9:11am
As you can tell I am once again blogging from bed. I have once again a fetal position headache.

I had increased my dose of topamax that seemed to be helping for the most part. I'm hoping this is maybe just because I was more active yesterday than I have been in a while.

I guess I should have realized something was wrong with all the things I was able to do.

I got up early. I had my kitchen cleaned by 9:30 and did some work on my blog. I even got ready and went to my water aerobics class.

I had got water in my ears the day before washing my hair and used swimmers ear to get it out. I had the headache coming on then. The headaches were coming and going. But I was sure if I got the water out the headache would subside.

Then I also got water in my ears yesterday. I had the water related headache last night again. I once again used the swimmers ear thinking I would go to bed hurting.

I wasn't able to go to sleep until nearly 3:00 am this morning. I thought I would wake up and feel better this morning.

I was wrong! I barely got 3 hours sleep. I woke up in MAJOR!!! Pain! My forehead right over my eyes is hurting so bad! I was instantly nauseated. (I'm blogging while hurting and sick to get my true feeling)

I am literally balled up in the fetal position. My eyes hurt. They feel bruised. I can't stand to touch them. The bridge of my nose hurts. It feels displaced.

It must be the pressure build up. My ears are stopped up like when you have a cold. I can't hear as well.

I just walked to my kitchen to get some more medicine. Walking made me dizzy and nauseated. Plus the pain! I had pain shoot through my forehead like a lightening bolt.

It feels better to keep looking down. When I try to look up is when the pain gets like a lightening bolt.

I want everyone to know this is not common with hydrocephalus. I am one of those people that has very different systems, side effects and reactions to the condition. This is one of the reason I blog.

I fear some else going through this alone like I did for so many years.
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