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Head Pain

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:51pm
Weirdest thing happened today. Actually it happened a couple days ago but today it really freaked me out. The other day i had my hands over my head and my med alert bracelet was hitting my skull flap, you know the place on my skull where they cut my skull open, and it felt very weird. Well today it happened again except it felt like bone scraping bone and it sounded like it too, very creepy! Really freaked me out! So today my head has been killing me and I have been paranoid all day that I hurt myself and that there may be bone pressing into my brain! Silly I know. A couple days ago I did hit my head on the freezer door when I was putting away groceries. So of course I am freaking out like what if the titanium netting got moved or something, I really don't want to have my head cut open again! I know chances are I am being extremely paranoid about it, but that is where my head has been all day. And the fact that I have had a headache accompanied by nausea is not making it any easier to get over! If I don't feel better tomorrow I will call my doc, question is, which one do I call?

I had to get a new cell phone because my old one kept powering down on its own. I like my new phone. The only thing I have to get used to is that for the calendar appointments I can only set it to ring or to vibrate, not both. My last phone I was able to set it for both which was great! I set all my medication reminders on my calendar so its important that I get those notifications! So far so good though. Plus getting this phone made me do some researching about how to get free ringtones and its actually pretty easy to use your own music and email it to your own phone to set as a ringtone so that is cool, no more spending lots of money on ringtones! And its really cool because I now have a song that reminds me of my mom that plays when she calls me and I sent it to her so she could have it to play when I call her. I used to play drums along to it when she was here taking care of me so I always think of her when I hear it and she says it always reminds her of me too!

Got my blood test results back from last weeks blood test and doc wants to up my thyroid meds to 75mcg. I figured that would would happen because I started getting all achey again. Funny thing is he sent the test results suggesting we up the prescription but didn't send a prescription with it so I had to call him today to find out if he wanted to up it or not because I only have one pill left and need to refill one way or the other. I don't understand why he didn't send a prescription with it!

I rode my exercise bike this weekend. It was nice to workout again. Felt good. Unfortuantely I have not felt good since so I have not done it since, but hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. You know I am not feeling well because I got my new Rock Band drums and I did put them together but did not try them out because my head hurts too much. Well, its not that the pain is really bad, because I would say its only about a 4, but sometimes it gets worse, its just my head also feels full and I did mention the nausea. I feel better laying down so that's mostly what I've been doing all day and what I will go back to after I am finished here!
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