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Having Trouble...

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:06am
Lately I have been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, I may have mentioned before. At first I thought it was the higher dosage of Keppra and then I thought it could be from a possible sinus infection. I went to the doc earlier this week and was given antibiotics, which I have been taking for two days now. This morning I really had a hard time getting out of bed. I just could not wake up. Well, hopefully tomorrow will be better after being on the antibiotic for another full day. I really have not done anything the past two days but watch tv. Just can't find the energy. Yesterday I really did nothing, but today I managed to cut my hair and take a shower and do some free weight exercises for my arms. I wanted to do more, but that is all I could find the energy to do. And yet its after midnight and I am not in bed! Go figure. I really need to get some cleaning done tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel better. My sinuses feel clear, but I get some pressure behind my eyes and some ear pain. Today was better, but I was just tired all day and still getting a little dizzy. My ears are still closing up and I have to pop them a lot.

Well, I still had trouble getting out of bed this morning, and I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night. Just now I got a weird headache based around my right ear, like a sharp pain at first and now its just a pressure headache on the top of my head and between my eyes. But I really need to get some cleaning done. Maybe its the dust and stuff around my apartment that is making me feel this way, my apartment is definitely not clean, that could be it. If I could just get my apartment clean maybe I would feel better, yet I don't feel like I have the strength to clean- of course that could just be because I hate cleaning! I need to go clean, that is my goal for today.

I would also like to go for a walk today, its the last day of cool weather before it starts getting up to the 100's again so I really should go for a walk. I have noticed that my leg feels better after a walk than it does after riding my bike. But if I go for more than a day without walking at least 1 mile my leg cramps up. My leg cramped up pretty bad last night, probably why I had such a hard time getting to sleep. I have noticed a lot of times when I have trouble getting to sleep I am also dealing with my leg cramping up a lot.

My headache keeps changing on me, its weird how it goes from one part of my head to another. Sometimes I think its all in my mind! I mean I know there are tumors in there so maybe the headaches are psychosomatic. I remember a lot of the headaches I got before I was diagnosed, at least the year before, were like ice pick headaches and all in the spot where my big tumor was. Makes sense now that I know. Unfortunately I get nervous now whenever I get that sensation somewhere else in my head! Reasonable, I guess, but doesn't make it any easier. I don't want to be one of those patients that complain to my doctor about every little ache and pain, but I also don't want to ignore something that could end up being SOMETHING. Hard part is figuring out what you need to tell the doc and what you don't. I know headaches are a common part of the after math of having gamma knife and partial craniotomies, not to mention the fact that I have been having headaches regularly since I was a teenager. Right now I am wondering if its a tension headache because my neck is stiff, but then again that could be because I am sitting here typing on the computer! See what I mean!
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