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Has NeuroAid been found to be helpful in stroke recovery?

Posted by oc1dean

What have clinical trials shown?
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Check the clinical trial info in their website but you have to be very skeptical about what a vendor posts on their site.  In general there are no govt. agengies looking over the supplement agency.  I suggest calling the manufacturer and asking them to send you the link to the independent test / agency that conducted their research.  If they don't/can't produce this info then move on....

I suggest using with all my patients for an independent review of all supplements they may be considering.  


In general, start with a well balanced diet, and pls. don't buy into the media/manufacturing hype: get good info at my site or at my blog 

This statement from the first url  doesn't prove anything except that spontaneous recovery is occurring and your are  incorrectly assuming that your drug caused recovery. 

Patients treated with NeuroAiD™ within 6 months after their stroke occurrence have 2.4 times more chances to recover independence.

This statement from your 2nd url also shows nothing that can point to neuroaid as helpful.

The impact of Neuroaid treatment cannot be differentiated from the contribution of natural recovery, med-ication and physiotherapy effects. However, all cases reported improvements.

The last 2 are just abstracts stating that a double-blinmd trial is occurring. I most certainly am not going to pay for the full access.

I don't doubt the safety. But you have not posted the exact wording of the research that proves the efficacy. Giving us URLs and expecting us to decipher scientific-speak is not helpfull. You still haven't shown where you can differentiate the drug from natural recovery. Just because a hospital uses it does not mean it works.
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