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Happy to Report!

Posted Jul 12 2010 4:30pm

Yes, I’m happy to report that after my disastrous meeting with “the PD guru” I am back on my meds, back on the Neupro patch and feeling much better.  I still have some stiffness and imbalance, but I’ve decided to address my symptoms – regardless of what some research intellectuals may call the disease!

I’ve taken dairy products out of my diet due to a recommendation from a reflexologist.  YES, a reflexologist that I’m now seeing weekly.  For centuries massage therapy and reflexology have given the masses relief, and I”ve decided to spend my hard-earned money getting relief from this type of therapy instead of relying on answers from “medical researchers”.  Besides, I leave the reflexology session relaxed, muscles stretched out and more calm and peaceful than I did visiting “Dr. PD Guru in Houston”.

Additionally, I am attempting to do  yoga each day.  Sometimes this is only a series of stretches, breathing deeply and rhythmically for 30 minutes.  The Downward Dog may never be my friend since my hands cramp so much, but at least I am getting more mobility and am using my cane less since I started this new regimen.  I look at those pictures in Yoga Journal and wish I could be flexible again.  However, my determination has given me the ability to stretch out the left side of my body so that I don’t hunch over so much when I sit and stand up.  And there are benefits to NOT tilting when I walk.

Now, the best news of all….I received a lovely letter from Dr. Iris Loew-Friedrich at UCB in Germany a few weeks ago.  This lady is the Executive Vice President Global Projects and Development and Chief Medical Officer for UCB – the maker of the Neupro patch.  In the letter she tells me that UCB has made significant progress in the development of a new formulation for the patch and that UCB is working closely with the FDA to obtain approval.  She says that UCB is committed to getting the Neupro patch available to American patients as soon as possible.

Regardless what we think of “big pharma” I think she was quite nice to take the time to write to me once I voiced my concerns over the stalemate the United States Food and Drug Administration is giving UCB about the approval of the Neupro patch.  At least UCB is determined to get this done and they aren’t skimping on resources to get the FDA off of their butts.

So, you see, I am happy to report good news.  And besides that, if you’ve been following the reports about Neupro, you should know that a few weeks ago at International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders in Buenos Aires, Argentina the results of a study showed some wonderful results.  The study results showed that the Neupro patch significantly improved wellbeing and daily activities that are often impaired by pain caused by RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome).  An additional study showed that the Neupro patch provided significantly greater improvement in early morning motor symptoms and sleep quality. (Well, folks, I didn’t need a study to tell me all of this! I’m a living example of the relief this gives me in both areas.)

So, take heart, and for all of us who have PD, RLS, whatever you (or the PD guru) wants to call all of this misery…..there is relief in site.  I have Dr. Iris Loew-Friedrich’s word on that!

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