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Happy ThanksGiving part 2

Posted Nov 25 2010 8:03am
I originally had a blog pot for today to post this morning but it posted last night. Sop I felt like telling you how my family prepare dinner.

My family does not believe in my mom having to slave in the kitchen for 3 days getting ready for everyone else to eat and leave her with a mountain of dirty dishes.

My family prepares everything together so one person isn't exhausted trying to do everything by their self. There has been some years some of us would be sick and everything would be left on that one person and you can really tell a difference. You are about too tired to eat then you still have to clean up the dishes.

So I went to my parent's house yesterday to help prepare some things for today. Momma and Daddy already had a system going. Momma was washing hugh pans for mixing up dressing and Daddy was chopping celery and onions for the dressing. On the stove was the cream of chicken and butter melting.

All I could do at first was sit down then the pans were brought to me with onions,celery,bread crumbs, seasonings.

I had a big spoon to mix with. Daddy pup on some rubber gloves. Momma had buttered 4 pans for the dressing.

So momma started breaking bread and then the celery and onions as I'm mixing. Then add the seasonings and the hot mixture. I stir it and mix until I start getting a cramp in my hand and the dressing cools down.

Daddy then takes over and mixes it. With the gloves on he can be very clean and pick up handfuls of dressing leveling it out and making it perfect.

They both help to do the cooking dishes along so there won't be dinner dishes and the pots and pans that were cooked in. They also precooked the sweet potato casserole.

Daddy lets momma sleep in and gets up early and puts on the turkeys. So when momma gets up she will put a pan of dressing in the oven if daddy hasn't already. The only thinks left to do is fix some peas. They also fixed creamed corn last night. It will just need to be warmed up.

When we cut the turkey we will fix some dinners before we eat so our friends that would not have dinner will have their dinner as warm as we can keep it.

My granny sometimes comes to eat with us if her Brother is not coming to eat with her. Then she also likes to cook in case my aunt Karen and her sons come out.

This year granny is feeling really bad and fatigued. So while mixing up our dressing. We made her a pan. Oh and my mom and Granny likes this really really nasty bean salad. So momma made her some of the bean salad.

I tell you the bean salad is bad, I can't stand the smell of vinegar no less the smell. Bean salad has wax beans, sugar and vinegar. I think that's the mixture. I don't know why it don't make your teeth fall out!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I am thankful for each and every everyone of my family and friends. I'm even thankful for the people I'm not connected with today for one reason or another because its experiences in life that make appreciate the true meaning of friends and family. No one and nothing can break our bond. I love you all and I'm thinking of you today.
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