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Happy Holidays!

Posted Dec 23 2008 1:58pm
I am in PA for the holidays visiting family and friends. Its been great seeing old friends and actually getting to spend time with people! I haven't been this busy for awhile! And my leg is doing great because I've been getting so much exercise! My head feels a little weird sometimes, mainly my sinuses getting used to this weather I think! Its very cold and dry and windy! Or cold and rainy or cold and snowy! I've been taking zicam and airborne everyday to keep from getting sick because my friend who I went out with the other night has a cold. I definately do not want to catch a cold! All in all so far its been a great trip. Sometimes we go somewhere and the ground is icy and my leg tenses up, but other than that its been going pretty well. Sleep was going well, but last night was so windy out that all I could hear was the wind so it was hard to get to sleep! My dad put plastic on the windows to keep the heat in and the cold out, well the wind was so bad last night and the windows are so bad in my room that the plastic was blowing into the blinds so the blinds kept rattling that didn't help me get to sleep either, along with the roaring of the wind!

Health wise I am doing well. I had a headache the first day I was here because the bed I slept on was bad and gave me a bad kink in my neck which caused a headache, but other than that I've been doing well!
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