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Gym Memberships are NOT Green!

Posted Dec 15 2010 7:44am

Let's do an exercise! This is not a real exercise to tighten your abs or anything. This is a hypothetical exercise, just for fun.

It is January 2, 2011 and it has been discovered by your five year old child ( or grandchild) that you are now the proud owner of a tire around the middle of your stomach! This tire was not located in this area before Thanksgiving.

Your child ( or grandchild ) states in a very loud voice- the kind of voice that only a very small child can own, " You are really fat, mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, person in line at the grocery store, etc)!"

What to do?

Well, millions of people each year at this time flood area gyms or fitness centers to get rid of that tire! Memberships rise! People are determined! Resolutions have been made!

They buy these memberships locking themselves into a deducted from their credit card/ banking account payment each month. And, then – for some unknown reason- around the middle of February they begin to stop going to the gym/ fitness center of choice and STILL have to make those damn payments.

What's a poor tire to do?

Well, I know it is cold outside, but walking is never crowded. And, if you are the proud owner of cable TV, there are several exercise channels listed. You can find a variety of diet/ exercise sites online as well. You will know them when you see them. But, most of the time, they are headlined something like this- " Lose weight by sitting in your chair!" or "Seven Foods to Eat that Will Shed 40 lbs in 1 Month!" These sites, tv channels and walks around the block will probably do as much for you as any gym and won't cost extra- spending more money is never green- neither is driving to the gym ( wasting gas) or using electric machines like treadmills to trim your waste ( wasting electricity)!

My suggestion is to get yourself on a regular routine of walking. Bundling up won't hurt you and keeping yourself up and out will enliven your life.
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