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Guidelines for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and Persistent Symptoms

Posted Mar 16 2012 8:29am

Click the image to download the guidelines (156 pages - PDF)

The Concussion Blog post Now This is a Possible Game Changer has just posted some pretty great news about recognizing and responding to TBI/concussion. The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation has produced “comprehensive, evidence-based, set of recommendations that broach all four parts of a concussion: physical, cognitive, sleep, and social/behavioral”.

This is important. Because up till now a lot of folks have been talking about TBI solely in terms of the physical OR cognitive OR sleep OR social/behavioral issues. Rarely have I found a professional organization addressing them all in one place.

I’m also very hopeful because this information comes from a neurotrauma foundation — the kind of information source that doctors and other healthcare professionals may just take seriously, instead of blowing off patients who have a host of issues and “complaints” that make no sense to them on the surface.

I just downloaded the full pdf of the guidelines yesterday, so I haven’t had a chance to go through it all, but from my skimming last night, it looks like there might be some good stuff in there. I hope to spend some time this weekend reading and digesting and writing about what they have to say.

Because as great as it is for there to be professional expansion on this, the fact remains that a whole lot of us folks “on the ground” don’t have access to good professional care, and sometimes the one hope/lifeline we have is online — the stories and information and interpretation of official information sources in language that we can actually understand. There’s a whole lot of science going on these days, but understanding it and getting what it all means is a different story. I hope to fill that gap a bit with my work on this site.

You can download the full PDF from the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation here .

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