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Posted Sep 22 2010 9:11pm

Brandy resting in the pond waterfall.

Today we said goodbye to my dear friend, the best listener, my doggie soul mate…..Brandy.  She was part Australia Shepherd and a Mixed Breed Rescue.  Brandy loved “cookies” as we called her doggie treats.  But most of all, Brandy loved to be loved.

She had a hard life, many litters of puppies before we rescued her.  She loved being outdoors in the cool weather and the rain.  If there were squirrels to chase, skunks to kill, or armadillos to pester, she was the one to carry out the job!

Later in her life, Brandy suffered from arthritis and then this week from a severe bladder ailment.  We loved her like she was a child, babying her, singing to her and doing all we could to make her comfortable.  I made her a special bed out of that egg crate foam.  She slept on it one night (to keep from hurting my feelings, I think) but she migrated back to the rug and avoided that bed until we took it out and got her a new one!

During my divorce Brandy would sit and listen to me when I was sad, when I had no one else to talk to. She seemed to understand that she and I were united to overcome our adversities.  I always told her the number of nights I would be gone when I had to travel for a business trip and she seemed to understand.  Later, when Dusty came to live with us, Brandy was patient but firm with her poodle brother.  She let him know the boundaries and never seemed to lose patience with him – unless he really annoyed her.

I will miss her warm breath on my hand and her soft-as-down coat.  She assumed a protective stance over my niece and nephew when they were babies.  Almost like she was their granny and it was her job to make sure no harm came to them.

I will miss you, my sweet doggie buddy, Brandy.  Run free without pain and enjoy your other buddies who live in the other world of doggie happiness.

Brandy and Me in better days.

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