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Posted Aug 24 2008 5:57pm
Matt's been golfing a long time. He was on the golf team/in the golf club (not sure how that works) in high school. And he's passed it on. When we were expecting Oceana he said he wanted to name a baby Tiger and teach them to golf so they could "support me in my old age". AHAHAHA. I said the baby could be Tiger, but couldn't play golf. Or the baby could have another name and play golf. So she plays golf.

After 2 holes she started walking the ball up and setting it right there to start. :)

And then tried to "rake" it in.

So funny to watch!

Doing okay today. Slept well last night. On the couch - with the TV on and the lights on too. I'm such a heavy sleeper when I want to be.

Working on a puzzle today and taking my self-portrait for Wordless Wednesday With a Twist. I'll post them tomorrow. I'm quite happy with what I ended up with. And disgusted with a few. WOW! There really are bad angles on a woman's face! Sheez!
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