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Golf: A Social or Athletic Event?

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:24pm

I started playing golf in my early teens.

My parents, and aunt and uncle went through a big golf phase. All of the adults really got into it. For some reason they started dragging me along- I got into it too!

I would drag my golf clubs from tee to tee- swing- land in sand traps- and greens- and enjoy myself - and feel completely refreshed at the end of the day. My adult companions, however, would be serious and strategic. 'If only I had hit this way." "If I had used this club instead of that club!" What a drag they were!

Why do people have to plan so much? By the time, a person, has planned, speculated and gotten ready to hit, the sun has gone down, and sometimes you can't see to play anyway! Goodness! Just do it!
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