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Posted Oct 22 2008 4:53pm
I went all day today without wearing my glasses. I have this theory that my video game-seizure problem has to do with my glasses. Its got to be connected with my eyes so I wanted to see if going all day without my glasses would give me a headache. If I ended up with a headache I would put them on. Now writing this is easy, I see the keyboard fine, its the screen that isn't that clear, but I can still read it, although if you find several typos I must be wrong! My tv looks clear, of course it is a 42" screen! And for the most part I have felt pretty good today. its just my sinuses that are bothering me. I don't have a sinus headache, just a strange feeling, like when I would first start trying to quit smoking. Obviously its not that because I haven't smoked since Feb 7, 2007 (except for a few drags of one cig I needed to burn a few holes in a shirt for the web show. I just ended up using a match because I didn't want to keep smoking the cig!) So the feeling in my sinuses I am figuring is because of the new nasal spray the allergist put me on.

I rode my exercise bike today. Getting there. As long as I accomplish something everyday I am ok with it. I wanted to do yoga again today but my big toe on my left foot is killing me. Before my last surgery I had an ingrown toenail that got infected. They cut off part of the nail and put me on antibiotics so I would be ok for the surgery. Well, the toenail has been growing back and it is really bothering me, especially after yesterday's yoga activities. I am soaking my feet a couple times a day to try to avoid an infection this time around. I really don't want to have my toenail permantly removed! So since the toe problem I didn't do much else today. It even hurts to walk!

I got that smoke smell a couple times today. It was very faint and didn't last for very long. i need to get a notebook so I can keep track of this, trying to track triggers. I thought this daily calender I had would do it, but there is not enough room in it to put all the info I need to record. I need to make note of everything I eat and drink, any exercise I do, video games played, tv watched, driving, and when and how long these attacks occur. I think I have a notebook in my car and when I take out my trash I will look for it.

I thought I was going to receive my referal for the new neuro doc today but it didn't arrive. Hopefully tomorrow. I need to get it soon so I can find out if I can get an appointment in the next couple of weeks or if I need to keep my appointment with the neuro doc I have that is on Friday.

Had a hard time getting to sleep again last night. I think its the new meds and the worrying about getting a job. I tend to get insomnia when I am unemployed and since I no longer have disability to count on I really need to get work soon. Plus I am nervous about actually getting a job too. I hope I am able to do whatever job I get and that I get hired again. I am new to the union so I need to impress all employers. Don't want word to get around about the brain tumor girl who can't do her job. All my previous prop jobs were from word of mouth, recommendations. Thats how this industry works.

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