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Getting to know Sherri Woodbridge

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:11am

Hi everyone! I thought it might be a fun idea to interview our chief blogger here, Sherri, and get to know her through another set of eyes (mine!). You know, sometimes I wonder why I do some things. I mean, here I am on the internet, sharing a blog space with another lady who has some things in common with me and I’ve never met her (but I hope to someday)!

Even though I haven’t met her, there is something about her that makes me feel good when I read her writings, hear her laugh on the phone (it really is a cute laugh!), and when we share about things going on in our lives. She has that quiet but powerful spirit and a faith that few people have. I thank her for being a Godly influence in my life!

I caught Sherri one night online and proposed this interview. That night, she answered 3 questions out of 20 I had for her and I sent the rest to her by email. She finally got it back to me, so I’m gonna try to tell you about my friend, Sherri Woodbridge. Now whether she will include all my detail is another story. LOL!

Okay, first… This girl is a grandmother and she still looks like a teenager (little jealousy coming from me if you can’t hear it). Although it would be lots easier to cut ‘n paste my questions and her answers, I’m going to mostly give you my impressions. Oh, I’ll cut ‘n paste some. After all, I’m not the one who had ‘concentration’ in English while in school. Let’s just start with her concentration on writing - she does it well, don’t you think? Some of her other interests are gardening, drawing, scrapbooking, and photography - in addition to writing. The only thing we seem to like in common is photography. Writing, however, is growing on me. And I have never had a green thumb or liked playing in the dirt, but of her love of gardening Sherri wrote, “working in the garden and writing reduces stress for me. When I’m in the garden I feel very close to the Lord and He has taught me a lot out there in the dirt. I once dug and made a little pond all in one day merely because of a tough situation I was going through.” So if you go to her house and see lots of garden ponds, I’d tread lightly!

Sherri lives in Idaho now, but says one of her favorite places to have lived was where she lived for 20 years in Scotts Valley, CA - on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, on the coast. She said it was beautiful, close to the beach, she had tons of flowers and their neighborhood was like a family. I think now her favorite place to be is anywhere near her new granddaughter!

I asked Sherri who has been the most influential person in her life and she said it was her mother in-law because she has learned so much from her - especially what it means to have a servant’s heart, to love unconditionally and give selflessly. Speaking of giving, I asked Sherri what top 3 things she would do if she won 1 million dollars. Here is her reply: “Just 3? But I have so many ideas! First I’d get on my knees and give thanks and while I was there, ask God, now what?! And, if He told me what I’ve been thinking, it would go something like this:

- I’d anonymously give 10% to a little church down the road that is doing some amazing stuff and growing some great people, being shepherded by an encouraging, selfless, and teachable pastor (and I don’t even go there!).

- then, I’d build a big bldg where kids could go after school and play volleyball, basketball, have study groups, studies in God’s word, one on one mentoring – low key, but staffed by godly men and women who hunger after God and have a heart for youth today. It would also have a soda fountain, where you don’t pay for your snack, but you earn it by giving back to the community by service volunteering where you are able to earn tokens to spend at the facility (also cool shirts/sport stuff/more). All this is paid for because I won a million dollars and after giving 10%, invested it wisely so that I would be infinitely able to do this fun stuff.

- then I’d take my lifelong dream trip in my new motorhome back east, stopping in one town a day and asking God to guide us (I’d bring my husband along for the ride) to a church where the pastor/staff need encouraging and after treating them to lunch at McDonald’s (I’m ‘rich’, but still accountable and if I’m doing this regularly it’ll get spendy, but hey, I’ve invested wisely so I’ll splurge and make it Taco Bell) and then spend the afternoon praying with them and encouraging them. If the situation warrants it, we’ll stay and help out a few days and do whatever we feel God tugging at us to do and them move on. That is my dream and yes, I’ve dreamt it A LOT!

I think those are awesome ideas! You think I could go with you on the motorhome trip, Sherri? I’ll pay for my own Taco Bell!

Now, to lighten up this description of my blog partner, I thought I would let you know that Sherri says that she did not kiss her husband on their first date and that she has no tattoos! And if she prints this I’ll know she’s got lots of guts!…lol. And as for her login name that she uses a lot online, Ladybug, I asked her where it originated from. She said it was from her ‘simple’ mind, that she’s always loved ladybugs and they seem so cheerful! Now, who else would have thought to ask these types of questions, huh? I’m doing good, I think!

About blogging and me, her blog partner at Parkinson’s , I asked: Why do you blog and she said “I blog because I can. Because it’s writing and I have to write. It’s who I am. Who came up with the term ‘blog’ anyhow? It seems so… so… so…” I know Sherri, I’m with you on the blogging term itself! I then asked her: What do you like most about your blog partner, Judy?, to which she replied (and I didn’t pay her one dime for this) “I love her mercy and compassion. I love her steadfastness and encouraging spirit. I love how she sees so much good in everyone and is there to help and listen. What is there not to like?!” Thank you Sherri! You are in my will now, and you really made my day!

Now for a real personality revealing question…. I asked Sherri what really annoys her in life. Here is her honest and candid answer: “People who honk at people in the car in front of them, because they didn’t punch the pedal a second before the light turned green. And that’s not all. No siree. I also get annoyed at people who let their animals roam around the neighborhood and make messes in other people’s yards and people who don’t make their dogs stop barking. I also get annoyed at people who don’t keep the foliage in their yard trimmed back from the sidewalk so people have to walk in the street or bend over. I saw this little old lady yesterday walking down the sidewalk with a walker and she nearly fell over as she bent down, trying to hold onto her walker with one hand and her little dog’s leash in the other hand, in an attempt to avoid the pine tree branches hovering in her way and smacking her in the nose. It’s rude, disrespectful, and selfish. I also get annoyed at people who lie incessantly. And that’s putting it lightly. Annoyed is putting it oh, so lightly!”

At a closer look, here are three other things I asked Sherri about and her responses to each:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up, I want to be a teacher, a nurse, a writer, a veterinarian, a photographer, a writer again - about all my adventures teaching, nursing, doctoring puppies, photographing children. I guess I don’t know yet. I have the rest of my life to decide. I’ll worry about it when I grow up.

Did you ever dream when you were young of doing what you do now?

Yes and no. Yes, being a wife and mother. I love that. However, day after day I dreamed of teaching. I guess in a way I have done that with my kids. I hope I taught them ‘well’.

What is your favorite quote?

Dance as if no one is watching, sing as if no one can hear you and live each day as if it were the last. Spells freedom to me. I also like, “I’m a writer so be careful what you say. You might just be in my next book.”

Maybe I can escape a mention in any of her books, but I think I’m already in the blog!

You will notice I didn’t ask Sherri questions about Parkinson’s disease, because I think we all can see what she thinks and feels about having the disease through her blogging at I hope you have enjoyed knowing more about my cyberspace friend, Sherri. She is a wonderful person with a great perspective on life. I hope we can all get to know one another better as we travel the path that has been placed before us at this time. I didn’t share all Sherri’s responses, but may save some of them for another time, but I’ve enjoyed reporting on my interview with her, and I hope you have too!


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