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Full of Junk Food- I Deny Addiction to Foods that ARE CRAP!

Posted Aug 16 2009 10:24pm
I have a spent a lifetime eating crappy food. I also had a great mother who was an excellent cook, but as was the habit of our times, cooked a lot of fried. So, I grew up loving fried foods, and seeing fast foods and junkie foods as treats you get when times are good.

Pop, chips, candy, popcorn balls, Hershey bars- you name it, I loved it! Big Macs, french fries, pizza, tacos, fast food fish, - hell, Fort Wayne is called the "City of Restaurants, for god's sake!

The crap is on every corner, and I defy most of you to just try to get past it.

A recent article I read at Spark People said that junk food is 1/4 of every American diet.

That is really scary- and also very explanatory, don't you think?

We all are looking for the easy way out of getting healthy. That pill, that 'simple' diet. But, there isn't any.

Sometimes, ya just gotta bear down!
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